TRAVEL Multilanguage Portal

The project belongs to the Belarus National Tourism Agency, which is a government structure. Being the official tourism website, is designed to promote the country's tourism opportunities, both domestically and abroad.


Designed to be user-friendly, the portal has many sections of useful information, detailing the country’s tourism opportunities. Its interface is adapted for all kinds of devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile. The administrator can specify any number of languages for the project.


New websites can be created for each geographic region, featuring quite different layouts and articles. The content management system allows pages to be created easily, using a visual editor. Portal banners are rotated and various content items can be grouped into lists. SEO tags can be managed and each language version has its own, third-level, subdomain (for example, and At the same time, common graphic content, including pictures and style sheets, is stored on a single CDN-server.

According to Alexa statistics, every month, the portal attracts about 3,000 unique visitors and over 10,000 visits. Since 2016, the site has been one of the main Internet projects supporting state policy in the tourism sector. At the beginning of 2018, some sections of the portal are working in a beta version.​

Project size

957 man-hours


Designers, system architect, programmer, and frontend developer/ layout designer


ASP .NET, Angular.JS, html5, MSSQL Server, and Entity Framework