Chess Windows Game

The product is based on the rules of Belarusian (Litvin) Chess.


There are three game modes, including hot seat, with artificial intelligence, and played via the Internet or a local area network (LAN). According to user settings, the interface can be transformed in color, and style of chess pieces and chessboard. It’s possible to save and analyze game parts. Five language versions are available.


The game is developed in C++. Skype-similar technologies are used to play on the local network and over the Internet, by UDP-hole method. There is an in-game chat feature. Streaming programming provides high product optimization and stable interaction with WinAPI and DirectDraw. Artificial intelligence takes into account the high mobility of the AI-engine and knowledge-based principles.


The project also exists as a game for the social network and as a stand-alone web application. The web applications’ backend, written in Flash and React, runs on the same principles as the backend of the computer desktop version, except for built-in artificial intelligence.

The project model has commercial and educational purposes. The installation file of the Chess Windows Game has been downloaded more than 5,000 times. This has created the basis for the development of a similar offline game.​

Project size

1918 man-hours


Business analyst, marketer, UX/UI designer, C++ developer, TCP/UDP network developer, AI engineer


C++ native, RAD Studio, DLL, Flash, React