Labor Union’s Weekly

The online version of the "Беларускі час" (Belarusian Time) Weekly, which belongs to the Federation of Labor Unions, is designed to protect the interests of employees and labor collectives countrywide.​


The web application is adapted to all kinds of devices. It has a simple and logical structure of sections, as well as feedback forms and forums, which makes the project interactive. In particular, weekly readers can take part in regular online photo contests, opening accounts on the site and adding thematic pictures and videos. The smart system of "related articles" helps to keep users on the site.


The project is developed in ASP.NET and is linked to mssql databases. Useful features include multi-user articles, rss-tape and archives. Some issues are delivered to the news feed automatically, via script from another site ( In the process of copying, images are automatically adapted, and text cleared of redundant tags. Content is connected to several databases to reduce the load on the server.

Since 2014, the project has been an important media tool in the business model of the Federation of Trade Unions, to popularize labor activity and protect the interests of workers. According to Alexa statistics, every month, the portal attracts over 10,000 unique visitors and more than 40,000 visits.

Project size

570 man-hours


UX/UI designer, art director, two ASP.NET developers, and a frontend developer/ layout designer


ASP.NET, Dependency injection, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Knockount.js, and MSSQL Server