University Entrants App

The web project has been created for online interaction between the entrants of the Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU) and the members of the examination committee.


The application is divided into four main parts, including the public part of the site (with information about the university, administrative pages for applicants, and administrative pages for the Examination Commission) and the server part. Using a special form, applicants can pick up suitable faculties and specialties, including those based on grades in the certificate. An application form for admission is also available. Through the administrative pages, the Examination Board processes applications and informs applicants about the date and time of submitting paper documents to the university. Administrative pages for BSEU workers allow them to process a large amount of data and quickly find the right applicant.


The system is integrated with a variety of university applications, written in Delphi and C++, to combine data in a single database in the administrative part of the site. The application is designed for use with different levels of access. A rather complex system of data security and information backup ensure stable site operation during an active introductory campaign.


The structure of the site is based on three web applications. One has an Internet connection, while the other two are based on the local network and administered via VPN. Hourly backups create a system of copies on the RAID array. The application has a pronounced multi-user division with differentiation of user roles.

BSEU is the leading university in Belarus for economic specialists’ training. The Entrants App has automated many processes within the introductory campaign, accelerating and improving the quality of entrant selection. The system allows the university to collect the best human potential in the market.

Project size

711 man-hours


Art Director, System Architect, two ASP.NET developers, frontend developer/ layout designer, and two QA engineers


ASP.NET, Dependency injection, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Knockount.js, and MSSQL Server