Lazy Card Mobile App

This interactive mobile application for iOS and Android allows users to take photos from their phone, process images and send them as printed postcards to any chosen postal address.​

Mobile App

The easy-to-use application offers users quick log-in, with operation after passing just three screens. Lazy Card uses the basic principles of Instagram, with various tools for framing and editing images. The application is integrated with bank card payment and payment via mobile operators’ SMS.


The administrator and the user interact through the server section of the application written in ASP.NET. The server connects with the mobile gadget via API. After the payment is confirmed, the photo processed by the filters is stored on the server. The operator of the system additionally processes this photo, prints it as a postcard and sends it to the specified postal address.

Lazy Card app is a perspective features startup in beta testing. It’s expected that the next step will be the commercial use and capitalization of the project.​


580 man-hours


Business analyst, designer, iOS developer, Android developer, .NET developer, and a QA engineer


Objective C, Java, Asp.Net, and Mobile SDKs