NN.BY Online Newspaper

This independent mass media edition features socio-political and cognitive content. It is a bilingual project, designed to promote awareness of Belarus.​


The site’s interface is adapted for all kinds of devices. DOM Content Loaded (DCL) measures accelerate content download and guarantee a low bounce rate. Forms for feedback and forums added to each article make the project fully interactive. The site has a logical structure of sections and placement of articles, which provides high usability. Advertising banners harmoniously complement the main content.


The project is designed to work in conditions of high traffic and loads. Despite the fact that each page generates about 500 requests to the server, and there can be several thousand users simultaneously on the site, the correct architecture and clean code provide stable operation of the entire web application. The software platform allows newspaper workers to write and edit articles online. The server saves all variants of changed text, which allows the editor to track versions of the text. The listing of news items depends on the time of text placing. However, the administrator can specify the fixed top listing for the most important issues. The administrative section allows for simultaneous working of the main site (nn.by) with its subdomain (nina.nn.by).

NN.BY has become one of Belarus’ most influential and authoritative online media editions, with over 1.6 million unique visitors and over 6 million page views each month, according to SimilarWeb. This is the third highest result for Belarusian electronic mass media. Annually, site traffic increases by about a quarter. ​

Project size

1229 man-hours


business analyst, art director, designer, two php developers, frontend developer/ layout designer, and a QA engineer


php yii framework, MySQL, and vagrant