FoxHunt Recruiting App

The project allows users to look for work and receive rewards by recommending employees. It’s been developed both as a web application and mobile application for iOS and Android.


The mobile application has high usability. Its main data can be found within no more than three screens. The functional filter selects vacancies suiting the needs of the applicant. It’s possible to filter available jobs by the size of wage, the employer rating, and the date of announcement. The user can recommend himself, or his friends, to employers, via social networks. The application contains a list of business events, with their agenda, and allows request for attendance.


The server part of the application is written in ASP.NET. Data exchange with user devices occurs through Web API. To reduce the load on the server, data is transferred to applications partly via infinite scroll pagination.


The administrator manages the content of the application, including correspondence of users, interview invitations and events, through special administrative pages.

Created as a hunting start-up, FoxHant has grown into a respected consulting company.

Project size

680 man-hours


UX/UI designer, frontend developer/ layout designer, and two ASP.NET programmers


ASP.NET, Objective C, Java, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, and Knockount.js