TFB Soccer Portal

The Republican Sports Public Association’s "Territory of Football" project aims to promote football in Belarus. Its interactive site collects the maximum data possible for this kind of sport, while helping users efficiently manipulate that information.


The site features a news feed, a column of analytical articles, data lists, and a forum with feedback from readers, among other sections. Search forms manage related data on cities, competitions, teams, and players, tied to the seasons. It’s easy to find information on players, teams and tournaments. The system collects statistics on a variety of parameters, including passes, goals, and disqualifications, for every single player.


Authorized users have various levels of access to content, according to their status (administrator, content manager, player, etc.) Portal mails are sent to the target audience. A scheduling system eliminates games being assigned at the same time (controlled visually). Optimized portal architecture and code minimize the load on the server at the time of database queries. To ensure safety, the database is automatically copied to backup.


The project is divided into two web applications, for the frontend and the backend. Analytics and some data, such as daily game results, are copied to the portal through automatic connection from other web resources. Analyzing user behavior, the portal shows targeted advertising and personalizes the content. To reduce the load on the server, the database is carefully structured. To speed up access, frequent and expected queries are stored in ready-to-be-displayed tables and views.

According to Alexa statistics, every month, the portal has more than 6,000 unique visitors and over 20,000 visits. Since 2014, the TFB has contributed to the development of the business model of the "Territory of Football" public organization, uniting sports fans and soccer players around this NGO.

Project size

1427 man-hours


Designers, system architect, programmer, and frontend developer/ layout designer


ASP.NET, Dependency injection, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Knockount.js, Kendo UI, MSSQL and Server