Areas of use

We create solutions for various business areas. Our products take into account the specifics of your industry and allow you to solve current problems.

  • Banking & Financial

    We develop software for financial transactions, guarantee data security, automate processes and provide technical support.

  • Public Services

    We create state turnkey portals with digital identity, bureaucratic automation and security in mind, as well as data analytics and cloud computing.

  • Media & Entertainment

    We build media platforms, content management systems, web portals with user behavior analytics, and also create applications with high conversion.

  • Real Estate

    We create web platforms for real estate, virtual tours of neighborhoods, as well as property management systems and their synchronization with sales systems.

  • Education & Culture

    We develop cultural archives, virtual museums, platforms for online events, digital libraries and interactive educational programs.

  • Public associations

    We organize web platforms for public associations, online communications, membership and event management.

  • Software & IT

    Assist colleagues with software development, IT consulting, system integrations, UX/UI design, frontend and backend, and technical project support.

  • Professional Services

    We create client relationship management software, implement business process automation systems and develop web-based platforms for the professional network.

  • Retail

    Taking e-commerce to the next level, we create inventory management systems, virtual stores and integrate online payments.

  • Sport & Tourism

    We develop applications for sports and tourism, virtual tours, sports event management systems with data analytics.

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